3 Tips For A Fun-Filled Holiday When Travelling With Friends

When travelling in a country, you might think that the biggest challenge is making your way around. Whereas when going with friends, some may say that it’s much harder to navigate through their characters, likes, dislikes, finances, and the like. As the saying goes, “Travelling can make or break friendships.” On the other hand, there’s no better way to get to know someone better than to go on a trip with them!

With a variety of exciting activities to look forward to, the last thing you want is to come back with one less friend. So, if you have a big trip with your friends coming up, here are three tips for a smooth and fun-filled journey.

You don’t have to be together all the time

Before the big trip, planning an itinerary is a prerequisite aspect for a smooth journey. During this time, you’d be deciding on things like securing reliable insurance that provides urgent medical evacuation that covers you in times of emergency through an air ambulance. Aside from that, you’d also need to settle factors like splitting finances, accommodation, and how you’d spend your day.

Something people tend to overlook is how they spend their time. Even though you’re with your friends, you don’t have to feel obliged to hang out with them all the time! Setting some time aside for your own is essential as it gives you and your friends the space to explore something of your interest. When the day ends, everyone can share about their day over a hearty meal.

Take into account everyone’s interests

As you plan your itinerary, you need to know each other well. This includes their area of interests. For example, you might love hiking and mountain trekking, but your friend might not enjoy it as much.

However, it isn’t possible to accommodate to everyone’s interest. So this is where the ability to compromise comes in. Meaning, settling on group activities that have been unanimously agreed on. Another thing you and your friends could do is making a loose plan consisting of the activities that each of you would love to engage in! So as you travel, you can tick things off your lists. However, make sure that everyone has an equal chance of ticking off from their list.

Communication is key

You are not a mind reader, and neither are your friends. So if you want some alone time, or you’re doing something you don’t like, then speak up instead of staying silent.

Bottling up your feelings could lead to a big outburst in future, which is something you and your friends wouldn’t want. Not communicating could also widen the gap between you and your companions’ bonding and understanding. Always remember that the best part about travelling with friends is the memories made together.


The next time you plan a trip with your friends, don’t just focus on what you’ll be doing over the journey. Instead, spend time to get to know each other well, down to the smallest details. As you stay at home safely, keep in touch with your friends through texting or video call as you plan your next trip abroad together.

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