4 Practical Tips To Keep Your Vinyl Flooring Tiles Longer

Vinyl flooring has emerged as one of the most popular, all-purpose flooring options around. With its relative durability and water resistance, it is perfect for any room in the house. If you have clicked onto this article, odds are that your home has some snazzy vinyl flooring as well, and you want to know how to take care of your floor.

Since vinyl flooring is so resilient, it doesn’t need too much maintenance. However, proper care is still necessary to keep your floor looking brand new. Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure your floor stays pristine.

Clean frequently

No matter the type of flooring, frequent cleaning will always be welcome. Using a vacuum cleaner or broom will do the trick for everyday cleaning. Here, your goal is just to remove the dust that settles on the floor daily, so that it does not accumulate too much. Prevention is better than cure, after all! You should also mop your floor every so often, preferably about every two days. This will remove the more stubborn dirt and dust, giving your floor that squeaky clean feel.

Minimise scratching

Any kind of hard flooring would be prone to scratches. Sharp objects, in general, should be kept away from the vinyl flooring. Still, sometimes it can’t be helped, like with furniture. This is especially so for frequently shifted furniture, like chairs or tables. Without protection, even the durable vinyl flooring may see some scratches over time.

As such, you can get furniture pads and place them under the legs of your frequently moved furniture. Alternatively, refrain from dragging furniture along the floor and lift them instead. The same goes for heavy pieces of furniture or luggage. Get a family member or friend to carry it with you, instead of pushing it while it’s on the floor.

Keep away from direct sunlight


Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of colours and patterns to complement any design choice. However, just like other coloured furnishings, the hues are prone to fading due to UV rays from the sun or other conditions. While it may not be feasible to shut out the sun completely, there is a way that you can minimise its effect, namely through curtains.

Day curtains can block out the brunt of the sunlight in the day, while still keeping your house comfortably lit. There are also several varieties of curtain designs on the market, which can go splendidly with your flooring and wallpaper choices.


Another way to protect your vinyl flooring is through waxing or re-waxing it. A layer of wax can effectively defend against scratching and staining if applied well. Usually, the process of waxing goes something like this:

If a previous layer of wax was already applied, it is first removed using a wax stripping product. The floor is then cleaned thoroughly to ensure there won’t be dust interfering with the next step. Finally, a fresh layer of wax is applied, dried, and buffed to leave a smooth and protected surface. You can either do this yourself or engage a flooring maintenance professional to do it for you.


As hardy as vinyl flooring is, some care is necessary to let it really shine. If you follow these simple tips, your flooring will come out all the better for it. As for those looking for a new set of vinyl flooring, look no further,we are here to help. We offer a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring designs and handle all the in-house installation for you. We’ve even got beautiful furnishings to go with your flooring, including wallpaper, blinds and curtains. Give your home a makeover with us!

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