4 Ways The Internet Helps English Language Learners

Since the dawn of the internet age, its influence has been astounding. This influential technological tool has infiltrated all aspects of life. It’s reshaping the world’s economic, social and educational sectors.

Through the internet, many people have also learned new languages as interactions no longer face time or distance barriers. Of course, that’s a big plus if you have booked any of the IELTS assessment in Singapore. Here’s how you can use the internet to supplement your English classes.

You Get to Interact with Native Speakers in Real-Time

Some of the most popular tools that come hand in hand with the internet are emails and chat rooms. These are communication tools that enable real-time, long-distance communication between people from different backgrounds, including native speakers.

You can use emails and chat rooms to get in touch with other English learners from all over the world. As you interact, jittery introductions ware-off and give way to open and light-hearted conversations. This will improve your fluency, understanding, and exposure to the language.

Who knows; you might strike a conversation about your upcoming IELTS assessment in Singapore. A discussion about that with a native speaker is sure to give you a boost.

You Can Express Your Creativity

You can also use the internet to express some of your creativity. For example, you can set up a blog and publish essays, poetry or stories in English. The chances are high that you’ll include some Singlish phrases. But as you interact with native speakers, you’re sure to ‘get it lah.’

 It Sharpens Your Thinking Skills

If you have signed up for an English course in Singapore, you can use the internet to get your homework done.

English is a prominent language on the internet. As you dig in to do web searches, you’ll be exercising your reading skills. You will also use language and logic skills to evaluate what is important for your assignment and what’s not. Such browsing also opens up opportunities for incidental learning.

There are loads of Supplementary Materials Online

The internet is not just a library; it’s a school, a consultant and a companion. There are loads of supplemental language activities and learning materials such as tests and videos online. You can use them for extra practice in specific areas.

Some materials are explicitly prepared to assist you in getting ready for the IELTS Singapore assessment. You will get custom reading tests, comprehension questions and grammar exercises online. Some even have multimedia capabilities. If you are thinking, “there’s too much Singlish around you”, you can easily log on to such sites and use them to supplement your English classes in Singapore.

In conclusion, the internet is your good friend and resource. If you’ve signed up for an English course in Singapore, have a chat with your tutor and ask for assistance on how you can maximize it for learning. The above ways are just a tip of the iceberg on methods you can use the internet to supplement your English classes. You are already logged on. So, go ahead and use it.

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