How To Make Youtube And Instagram Your Best Marketing Tools

You Tube: YouTube is one of the best way to promote our brand on internet. It has billions of viewers. we have two ways for promoting our brand or product on you tube: 1 st . is we can make our you tube channel with the specific category of our product and promote it by making detailed videos on our product and publish it on our you tube channel and do it’s SEO (search engine optimization) for ranking our videos on you tube search list. 2 nd .we can promote our brand by sponsorship. we sponsored any you tube channel who have enough subscribers in that specific category .We have to give an amount of money to promote our brand on their channel. And we can also advertise our product videos before playing any video of that particular category on you tube called (5 sec ads).

Instagram : it is also a way to make internet marketing very simple by which we can also make sale of products and also promote our products,this being a wider way because of the large population uses the Instagram in their daily life and this also makes a part of their lives, through the help of advertisements on Instagram most of the peoples were get the exact the same product that they really want. It is big platform of advertising your product cause there were millions of users who were using Instagram. Through the help of videos, picture, and different posts that are seen by millions of users that will definitely makes a huge advertisement of your product. And by providing the links in the bio of posts the buyers can easily buy the product that he really needs to have. There is a huge sellers place where they were advertising of every kind of product on Instagram, whether it is small or it is expensive, no matter how much bigger transactions they can easily made through Internet marketing and the best way is to make online selling are getting ads and promotions on the social media sites. The reason for that there is a lots of buyers waiting for the products.

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