Industries Benefiting From Video Production And Marketing

Video production and marketing? They’re the ultimate duo combo for tackling the drop in customers’ interest, sales or lack of awareness.

With videos instantly adding a personal touch to any marketing strategy, it is not surprising that more industries are switching to video-based marketing methods.

Accompanied with the right video production house, your corporate videos are going to turn out spectacular. Setting out to deliver a concise and crisp message, it’s the most effective way that will make your brand make its mark in the market.

Let us take a look at some industries that are reaping the benefits of video production and video-based marketing.

Public relations

With the advent of social media platforms over the past few years, this industry is perhaps the one that has benefitted the most.

As we all know, the public relations industry is known for its brilliant marketing tactics and that includes videos.

Take the collaboration between Lyft and Stranger Things, for instance, fooling others into thinking that it was a regular ride – the partnership sprang up with a creative tactic to promote the upcoming Season 2. Passengers were spooked out, but we’re pretty sure they got the message after Eleven’s favourite snack (waffle) popped up.

This strategy, coupled with extensive visual marketing, have resulted in its growth. Videos have become the preferred medium of communication between the representatives of this industry and their target audience.

Land and real estate

This industry has shown some really innovative ways to use videos to their benefit.

Because of the saturation of property dealers and builders in the market, this industry needed a distinctive marketing strategy that has been provided by corporate video production services. Informative videos on topics like mortgaging, loans, and equated monthly instalment (EMI), have regenerated the interest of the buyers.

Think of it this way; remember seeing all those beautiful real estate advertisements on television or even on the Web? That’s the result of video production. Their purpose is to show the good qualities of these properties from every possible angle, and put them in one clip to impress you – the viewers.

Finance and banking

What comes to mind when you think of this industry? Insurance? Bank interests? Financial plans?

Not exactly the most exciting topic indeed, huh?

This is where video production comes to the rescue! Video-making companies create an interest in the viewer by means of engaging and relevant videos; explaining the mottos and functions of the bank or financial institution, its services and their utility for the general public.

We’re pretty sure at least one or two of the videos from famous banks like OCBC, POSB and UOB have moved your heart or educated you.

Healthcare and medical field

Thanks to corporate videography in Singapore, it is possible for the patients to see detailed aspects of the healthcare industry.

They include medical procedures, insurance terms, benefits, post-operative care, to behind the scenes information during and after certain medical procedures. That’s right; you get to see it first-hand.

Just look at mass campaigns like flu vaccination; they have been rendered successful because of the awareness brought about by pertinent videos. In other words, video-based marketing enables the customer to make informed decisions that are especially vital for this industry.

Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism videos are exactly how you pictured them to be. Exotic vacation destinations, the plethora of top-notch facilities by hotels and customer testimonials are all captured by video production.

These pieces are for increasing the popularity of the brands to show just how enticing these places are for potential tourists.
And this doesn’t just apply to the travel and tourism industry alone – it’s relevant to restaurants and food businesses too! Virtual tour videos, for example, will enable an interested customer to experience the thrill of a future holiday right on the digital screen, thereby facilitating decision making and booking tickets.

Now that you see the brilliance of the film and video production across so many industries, its time for you to join in too!

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