Safeguard Measures For Property Managers During Covid-19

From handling tenant issues to maintaining a clean environment, property managers handle multiple jobs. They must always be quick on their toes as they respond to unforeseen problems that crop up suddenly, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. As we’re currently in Phase 2, and with the economy opening gradually, here are some tips you must know to deal with COVID-19 effectively.

1. Pay attention to credible sources of information

COVID-19 is caused by a novel coronavirus that hasn’t been seen before in history. Suffice to say; it’s like we’re dealing with the unknown. And as each day passes, new sources of research and information crop up in the news. As the situation evolves, some information might change from day to day. For example, the wearing of masks was only required for those who feel under the weather. But now, it’s mandatory for everyone. As such, property managers must pay attention and stay updated with reliable sources of information.

2. Be open to communication

Besides keeping up with credible sources of information, it would be great if you also keep residents informed about the management’s response to the crisis. Be proactive in your plans to foster a sanitary environment in efforts to flatten the curve. By letting residents know, they can have peace of mind knowing that the area they’re living in is doing its part to keep clean. And if you plan to close an area, like the function room, then be sure you have the right communication channel to let the residents know. However, this goes beyond passing the message of what you plan to do but to help residents understand the role they need to play in curbing the virus from spreading too.

3. Reinforce good hygiene practices among residents

Cleanliness isn’t entirely up to property managers to handle. Residents too, have their part to play. As a property manager, there are several ways to foster cleaning practices among residents. Put up signs and infographics, such as the proper way to wash our hands or reminders to have our masks on. Set up hand sanitising stations at the entrance, and around the residence to aid in keeping residents’ hands clean.

4. Outsource a professional cleaning company

The most common reaction we’ve seen ever since COVID-19 was the ramping up of hygiene practices and protocols. Especially since the virus is found to live and linger on surfaces for prolonged periods, and anywhere people congregate, it’s all the more reason for property managers to establish hygiene protocols with the help of a commercial cleaning company.

Rather than handling it yourself, consider engaging in a cleaning company that offers commercial cleaning services. We offers a suite of cleaning services with the commitment of providing our best in all that we do. We employ the use of the best industry practices and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure an overall clean and hygienic surrounding. When a high level of hygiene is observed in your residential property, it’ll leave an overall good impression of the facilities and reflect well on the excellence of your property management.

To residents, property managers are on the front lines when it comes to dealing with issues such as the coronavirus. By following the tips above, we hope it can help in limiting disruptions faced while providing residents with the top-notch service that they’d expect. Be it HDB or condo cleaning; we’d love to help enhance your living environment by offering our services as you strive to maintain a clean property. For more enquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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