Skin Health: Different Types Of Acne And Their Severity

Acne is categorized based on the types of pimples that emerge through various stages leading to break out.

Types of acne

  • Whiteheads: white bumps or spots originating from a clogged follicle covered by skin
  • Blackheads: are black and result from oxidation of sebum at the head of the pimple.
  • Pustules: an inflamed lesion that is filled with pus. They appear yellow or white.
  • Papules: inflamed, red lesions. They are sensitive and painful.
  • Nodules: a severe form of acne lesion that originates under the skin. They are hard to touch.
  • Cysts: the most severe form of acne filled with pus. They are inflamed.

Classification of acne

Acne can be mild, moderate, or severe. A universal grading system for acne classification does not exist. Clogged skin follicles that are limited to the face with the occasional presence of inflammatory lesions are classified as mild acne. Moderate acne is marked by a higher presence of inflammatory papules and pustules. They commonly occur on the face and trunk. Severe acne emerges when nodules spread extensively on the face and trunk. Cysts are severe acne cases. They are characterized by large nodules. Cysts, however, are rare. Some types are more prevalent in men than in women and vice versa. Likewise, certain types only inhabit the face while other types occupy the chest and back as well.

Dermatologists at Aesthetic Clinic Singapore are well versed with the entire taxonomy of acne. Therefore, they provide valuable diagnostic and treatment regimens for every degree of acne.

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