Undeniable Benefits Of Being An IB Educated Student

People may have been familiar with IB earlier program. Most of them might know what’s inside Singapore IB diploma courses. Students who enter the school with the IB Diploma program, are usually given 3 levels to choose from, whether they want to enter the study program, SL (standard level) program, or HL (Higher Level) program. Usually when students with low ability are included in the study program. While those who are standard, enter the standard program, usually the number of students for this program is relatively very large. Whereas HL is a program with very high ability students, with subject matter very difficult. The easiest level of difficulty of study material. The standard material is of course the standard level. Whereas HL Material is super difficult. So that the number of students in both HL and studies classes is very small. However, it does not mean that school will discriminate the students according to the level. It is just the matter of difficulty and students will get the same facilities and same curriculum as developed in IB. Thus, Singapore IB diploma courses are good for all levels.

As an illustration, students who study program studies for the high school level, there are still those who study the area of ​​the triangle, if we look at this material suitable for elementary level. While HL levels with super-high difficulty levels, for mathematics for example, many use graphs with indeterminate curves. Why are there study programs? Indeed, this program abroad, in western countries is accommodated for students with low ability, but they are still valued, and guaranteed to continue to advance grades. It might be related to Human Rights, which upholds people with low abilities. Although the ability is low, but their value is not plummeted/destroyed. For HL, several well-known overseas universities require students to take this program.

The advantages of Singapore IB diploma courses

When reading the admission requirements section at foreign universities, especially universities in the UK and Europe, we often find the term International Baccalaureate (IB). What exactly is meant by this program? IB originates from a foundation of international education located in Geneva, Switzerland. IB is an internationally recognized qualification and accepted at various renowned universities in the world. Why is IB so recognized? The reason is because IB provides a strong foundation in understanding the concept of each subject, and besides emphasizing the adjustment of globalization, which is understanding and respecting each different culture. In the IB Program, students are required to think critically and be trained to study independently. According to most students, the IB program is far more difficult than the pre-university program. But the things learned are also more extensive and deeper. Because in addition to learning theory, students will also be involved in practical activities or projects such as CAS.But precisely for this reason, the IB program is highly regarded in various well-known universities in the world. Many universities will receive credit from IBs, so students with qualifications can complete their bachelor’s degrees faster.

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