What Are People Searching For In Serviced Apartments

The fact of the matter is serviced apartments are gaining much traction in the accommodation industry.

Maybe, it wasn’t as popular back then – but now, or in the future – it certainly will be.

Witnessing this opportunity, many companies have taken a step forward, and one even went on to do a bit of investigation to find out what the masses would like in their serviced apartment.

So, what could be gathered from the survey which SPACE10 took charge of?

Some pointers were already present in serviced apartments – such as a clear separation between privacy and community as and when wanted, socialising with people from different culture and backgrounds, and the choice to furnish their space.

Others which were relevantly new included inviting pets and the choice of voting for new house members. These two pointers will certainly bring about much controversy – but who knows? Maybe, we will get to see them one fine day.

Now, since that is for the later future – what are the people of the present looking for now?

Excellent location

Accessibility, amenities, all sorts of considerations are to be made when selecting the right service apartment for rent – and location certainly stands above all.

The most ideal location for your serviced apartment to be at is right in an upscale area of the city – accessible by both private and public transport. In other words, it should be centrally located in the town.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in areas like Orchard Road; that would only take a chunk out of your paycheck or allowance when it comes to rental costs.

Accessibility is one thing to be prioritised – but the other would definitely have to be the surrounding amenities. There should be nearby departmental stores, pharmacies, communal areas, F&B establishments, and so on.

Keep an eye out for serviced apartments with a closeby shopping mall as well; this will ensure that you do not have to travel long distances to purchase daily use items like groceries and food items.


As you’re deciding among which long term serviced apartments to pick – you’ve got to think about the amount of space available; specifically the total square feet area.

Especially since you’re going to be staying in a serviced apartment for some time – you’re going to need all the space you can find for a cosy lifestyle and bring in all of your necessities.

Want to throw a mini party with your new house members? Planning to invite a newfound friend you made over a cup of coffee? Have your friends or family members pop by if they’re within the vicinity?

All the endless possibilities are practically made possible because of serviced apartments.

Communal spaces

Remember, when we mentioned how most people were looking to mingle around, expand their social circle, and make new friends?

Such furnished apartments for rent are filled with all sorts of shared spaces in the building.

Take the shared kitchen and dining spaces, for instance – it’s the perfect place for you to show off your homemade dishes or try another house member’s cooking.

After all, if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – the same can be applied to others; anyone would love to feast on a scrumptious meal.

On the other hand, if you’re not so much of a foodie – there are still other places where you can make friends of similar interests – like a state-of-the-art gym or a reading lounge brimming with productivity.

1. Price

Last but not least, what people will definitely want is affordable accommodation.

Since they have to consider other costs like personal expenses, travel fares, to even business-related or school-related costs.

That said, compared to hotels and many other accommodation options nowadays – serviced apartments are known to be reasonably priced.

When you put all the above-mentioned factors together with the rental cost – the benefits are as plain as day; basically, making it a money’s worth expenditure.

In summary, these are the factors which most people want in a serviced apartment – and the same should apply to you. Make sure you watch out for these, so you only score the best serviced apartment out there!

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